Copperum Pillowcase Anti-Aging Treatment

We spend one-third of our lives asleep with our face on a pillow. Use that downtime to your advantage by treating your skin to the anti-aging benefits of Copper Pillowcase from Consult Beaute! The secret of this pillowcase is in the power of infused copper ions. Copper is an essential mineral known to play an important role in maintaining skin’s youthful appearance and minimizing visible signs of aging. And yes, it’s machine washable.

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Copper plays an important role in skin’s normal renewal process. Copper has been used in makeup, face creams, and other skincare products for many years. One of the properties of copper is its ability to support the appearance of proteins in the skin. The anti-aging action of the Copper Pillowcase involves the skin’s contact with the copper ion fibers in the fabric and the release of copper ions onto the skin’s surface. The absence of cotton and other moisture absorbing fabrics enables the skin to retain its own moisture levels while assuring your evening serums and creams are not being absorbed through your cotton pillowcase. The uniquely smooth copper ion surface does not crease like traditional fabric, helping to eliminate the dreaded “sleep crease”. Silky soft texture. Zippered opening.

Care: Machine wash/Tumble dry
Material Content: Made of 100% copper ion infused polyester
Country of Origin: China